Original paper

Der Schweizer Archäologe Otto Hauser.Seine Skelettfunde und Hypothesen zur Entwicklungsgeschichte des Menschen und seine vielfältigen Aktivitäten zur Propagierung von Urgeschichtsforschung und Evolution

Drößler, Rudolf;Drößler, Sigrid;Freyberg, Manuela


New investigations on Otto Hauser's skeleton findings and the excavations of this Swiss citizen in Southwest France from 1906 until 1914 placed the activities of this archaeologist again in the focus of scientific and public interest. This paper describes life and oeuvre of Otto Hauser and discusses the importance of the skeletons found by him and Hermann Klaatsch as well as the consequences of their discovery. The efforts of Otto Hauser to publish his discoveries, to present and spread his view concerning the evolution of man were remarkably manifold as well as the parallels between ancient man and contemporary ethnic groups living on a low technological level drawn by him and to wake and to promote the interest in prehistory.Many books, brochures, articles and public lectures contributed to this intention as well as co-operation with local historians and scientists of other disciplines, and also many films, teaching and illustrative materials. The scientific collection of the authors of this article comprises more than 6,500 written documents and photos.


VindonissaLes EyziesLa MicoqueHomo mousteriensis HauseriHomo aurignacensis Hauserihistorical remarks