Original paper

Five-class height-weight mean and SD system applying Estonian reference values of height-weight mean and SD for systematization of seventeen-year-old conscripts'anthropometric data

Lintsi, Mart;Kaarma, Helje; Aunapuu, Marin;Arend, Andres


A study of 739 conscripts aged 17 years from the town of Tartu and from the Tartu county was performed. Height,weight,33 anthropometric measurements and 12 skinfolds were measured. The data were classified into five height-weight mean and SD-classes applying the Estonian reference values for this age and sex(Gruenberg et al.1998). There were 3 classes with conformity between height and weight class:1-small(small height and small weight),2-medium(medium height and medium weight),3- large(large height and large weight), 4-weight class dominating(pyknomorphic)and 5- height class dominating(leptomorphic). It was found,that in classes 1,2 and 3 the height and weight increase was in accordance with the increase in all heights,breadths and depths,circumferences,skinfolds,body fat,muscle and bone mass. In class 4 circumferences,skinfolds,body fat and muscle mass were bigger. In class 5 all heights and the relative bone mass were bigger. The present investigation confirms the assumption that the five height-weight mean and SD five-class system applying the Estonian reference values for classifying the anthropometric variables is suitable for seventeen-year-old conscripts. As well the border values of 5%,50% and 95% for every anthropometrical variable in the five-classes were calculated,which may be helpful for practical classifying.


Body heightbody weightSD valuesclassificationconscriptsEstonian reference values of height and weight