Original paper

Does physical education modify the body composition? - Results of a longitudinal study of pre-school children

Scheffler, Christiane;Ketelhut, Kerstin;Mohasseb, Iman


The aim of the study is the analysis of body composition,motor development and cardiovascular parameters of preschool-children. In 2001/2002 a longitudinal study started in 17 nursery schools in Berlin. A total of 160 children out of the 264 children participated in a regular exercise programme. After 24 months of training significant differences of body composition,motor skills and cardiovascular parameters between 5 complete year old children of the intervention and the control group were observed. The results show that such an exercise programme is successful as a preventive measure to decrease the risk of obesity.


Body compositionmotor developmentcardiovascular parameterpreschool childrenprevention