Original paper

Head proportion and shape of the head of children between 2 and 7 years - Results of a longitudinal study

Schüler, Grit


Based upon a longitudinal anthropometric study with integrated picture documentation,the head proportion and head shape of two to seven years old children will be analysed. The study was initiated in April 2002 in the administrative districts of Potsdam and Potsdam-Mittelmark(Germany). 351 boys and girls have been measured and photographed. The children shall be examined up to four years until September 2006 with a half year investigation distance. Twenty-three anthropometric dimensions have been measured including six dimensions of the head. These dimensions of the head are the head length,head breadth,auricular height,interpupillary distance,facial height and lower face height. Furthermore,digital pictures have been taken of each child. So the head of each child can be examined in a frontal view(Norma frontalis)and in a lateral view(Norma lateralis)and will be analysed relating to changing proportions of the head. The results demonstrated and discussed here are based on a longitudinal succession of photos and point out a method to make individual patterns of the changing head proportions and head shape visual on pictures.


Head proportionshape of the headchildren between 2 and 7 yearslongitudinal study