Original paper

Estimation of stature in Turkish adults using knee height

Özer, Basak Koca; Gültekin, Timur;Sagir, Mehmet


Body height is an important clinical indicator to derive body mass index (BMI),which is a useful screening tool for both excess adiposity and malnutrition. Height measurement in the elderly may impose some difficulties and the reliability is doubtful. Stature estimation from knee height is one of the commonly used methods; nevertheless no study has been carried out so far on the Turkish population. A cross sectional anthropometric study was conducted to develop body height estimation equations by using knee height measurement for Turkish people. Measurements of height and knee height were taken according to the International Biological Programme procedures from 1422 adults(610 males,812 females)aged 18-90 years from Ankara,the capital city of Turkey. Samples were randomly split into two sub-samples,training and validation(control group)sub-samples. Height estimation equations were developed from the knee height measurements by linear regression analysis according to age groups and sexes. Males were significantly taller and have higher knee height values than females in all age groups. Height and the knee height variables showed a gradual decrease(P 50)with aging in females and males. Evaluated knee height equations for stature estimation were tested through the validation sample and the results showed high accuracy. The study presents sex and age specific regression equations for height estimation by using the knee height measurement for Turkish adults and suggests facilitating the accurate usage of knee height.


Anthropometrystature estimationknee heightTurkey