Original paper

The influence of anthropometric characteristics to the handgrip and pinch strength in 6 -10-year old children

Semproli, Samantha;Brasili, Patricia;Toselli, Stefania;Ventrella, Angela R.;Jürimäe, Jaak;Jürimäe, Toivo


The aim of the study was to investigate the relationships between handgrip and pinch strength values with basic body(body height, body mass, BMI)and with specific hand anthropometric parameters(fingers spans, lengths and perimeters)in prepubertal children. Body height, body mass and five fingers spans, lengths and perimeters were measured in 461 6-10 year old Estonian children according to Visnapuu & Jürimäe(2007). BMI was calculated(kg/m 2). The maximal handgrip strength of the right and left hand was measured with hand dynamometer. The right and left key and tip pinch were measured with a pinch gauge. Body height, as a rule, in combination with BMI, was the strongest predictor of handgrip strength, especially in older children(about 40-60% of the total variance,R 26100). From the hand anthropometry, the most important span parameter was FS 2(see explanations in the methods), which explained about10-50%(R2100) of the total variance. In older groups, the FS 1 and FS 3 were added to the models. From the length parameters, the most important was IFL,which in younger groups together with MFL explained 10-30% of the total variance, and in older groups the addition of RFL increased the influence to 45% (R 26100 ). From the perimeters, the most important one was P2 which explained the variability of the handgrip strength in younger groups by 15-30% (R2x100)and in older groups together with P3 and P4 even 30-40%. In children, the basic anthropometric parameters(body height and BMI)contribute more to the prediction of handgrip strength than the specific anthropometric parameters. With increasing age the contribution of basic and specific hand anthropometry increases and the relation between anthropometry and handgrip strength is stronger in boys compared with girls. The relation of basic and hand anthropometry to the tip and key pinch strength is relatively low.


Body heightbody masshand anthropometryhandgrip strengthpinch strength