Original paper

Vergleich körperbautypologischer Unterschiede bei Fußball- und Handballspielern mit Methoden deutscher und angloamerikanischer Konstitutionsschulen

[Comparison of somatotype differences of soccer and handball players based on the methods of German and Anglo-American schools of constitutional biology]

Raschka, Christoph;Wolthausen, Christina


39 soccer players of the third division as well as 22 handball players of the second division and 17 handball fourth division players(average age 24 years)were examined kinanthropometrically. The sports anthropological evaluations were made according to the methods of Parnell(1958), Heath & Carter(1967), Conrad(1963),Knussmann(1961a, 1961b)as well as Tittel & Wutscherk(1972). Regarding the proportionality, proportion figures and phantom stratagem were used. In the typology of Conrad(1963)above all the high hyperplasia values of the handball players stand out. According to the typognosis of Knussmann(1961a, 1961b)the handball and soccer players are to be classified as leptomorph. The tendency to the macrosomia pole is to be recognized for the handball players. In the somatochart of Parnell(1958)soccer and handball players are placed in the mesomorph ectomorph sixth. The group differences are highly significant for the endomorphy. In the somatogramm of Heath & Carter(1967)both ballplayer collectives are settled in the ectomorph mesomorph area. The group differences are here for the endomorphy and mesomorphy highly significant, for the ectomorphy significant. The proportional fat portion(calipermetry)is high-significantly lower for the soccer players with 6.6-1.6% than for the handball players(8.4-2.5%). All height and longitudinal dimensions as well as the circumferences with exception of the thigh girth were for the larger handball players(body height:189.1-7.9cm)very to highly significantly higher than for the smaller soccer players(body height: 178.6-5.8 cm), whereby no important proportional differences were registered.


Sports anthropologykinanthropometrysoccerhandballsomatotypesconstitution.