Original paper

Qualitative finger and palmar dermatoglyphics: Sexual dimorphism in the Chuvashian population of Russia

Karmakar, B;Yakovenko, K;Kobyliansky, E.


Qualitative finger and palmar dermatoglyphics of 547 individuals(293 males, 254 females)belonging to the Chuvashian population of Russia were studied to determine sexual dimorphism. The pattern types are not uniformly distributed on 10 fingers. Sex difference is homogeneous in all fingers whereas palmar patterns reflect the better sex variations for three palmar configurational areas(II,III,and IV). This is perhaps due to embryological development, having a relatively longer growth period compared with fingers(Cummins 1929). The present results of the Chuvashian population are not similar to the results of the five Indian populations of our previous study(Karmakar et al.2002), perhaps due to a major ethnic difference.


Qualitative dermatoglyphicssexual dimorphismChuvashian populationRussia