Original paper

Systolic and Diastolic Recovery following the Harvard Step Test in Adult Asian Indian Men

Ghosh, Arnab;Pan, Rapti


The present cross-sectional study was undertaken among the 100 adult(518 years), apparently healthy Asian Indian men to study post exercise systolic and diastolic recovery and effect of age, body mass index(BMI), physical fitness, respiratory rate(RR)and peak expiratory flow rate(PEFR)on these recoveries. Post exercise blood pressures were taken following the Harvard Step Test(HST)at one, three and five minutes post exercise period. Systolic(SRR)and diastolic recovery ratio(DRR)was computed accordingly. Physical fitness index(PFI), RR and PEFR were also considered in the study. The PFI as determined by the HST predict physical abilities of individuals and an average PFI of 62.0(SD=10.6) was recoded in the study. Post exercise blood pressures were 143.6/86.9(after one minute) and 127.7/79.0(after five minute). Multiple regression analyses revealed that BMI, PFI, age, RR and PEFR cumulatively explained more than 36%(R2=0.362)and 31%(R2=0.307)total variations of SRR and DRR, respectively.


Cardiorespiratory fitnessHarvard Step Testbody fatnessBMICHDAsian Indians