Original paper

Genetic Polymorphisms at three Loci in two Populations of Manipur,India

Singh, Maishnam Rustam; Singh, T. Shyamacharan


The Phayengs and Khurkhuls are sections of the Meiteis,the largest community in Manipur,India.Racially they are Mongoloids,and marry mostly among themselves.The present study reveals the frequencies of ABO blood groups as A1 (36.54 %), B (28.85 %), O (25.96%) and A1B (8.65%) in the Phayengs (n = 124) and A1 (39.84%), B (21.14%),O (22.76%) and A1B ( 16.26%) in the Khurkhuls (n = 123 ). The subtype A2 is completely absent in both. The gene frequencies are ABO*A 1 = 0.262, ABO*B = 0.212 and ABO*O = 0.526 for the Phayeng and ABO*A 1 = 0.334,ABO*B = 0.206,ABO*O = 0.526 among the Khurkhuls. The Phayengs show a frequency of Rh negatives as 1.92 %,the frequency of the RH*d allele being 0.139. The incidence of HB E is 38.46 % resulting into the frequency of HB*E = 0.266. This is the highest value so far reported from Manipur State.No Rh(D) negative individuals have been encountered among the Khurkhuls,and the incidence of HB E is 16.26%,the frequency of HB*E being 0.085.


A 1 A 2 BO blood groupsRh(D) factorhaemoglobin Egenetic distances