Original paper

The hyo-laryngeal complex of Tarsius bancanus (Mammalia, Primates): a developmental and phylogenetic aspect

Menke, Peter R.;Henke, Winfried


The present approach reconstructed the hyo-laryngeal complex of fetal Tarsius bancanus by using the AMIRA(c) 3.1.1 software. Our work fills a gap of ontogenetic research as this region has only been superficially described for an adult specimen representing the same genus. Furthermore, based on 51 characters we conducted several cladistic analyses considering the Prosimii/Haplorrhini-debate. Some anatomical information has been taken from the literature. MacClade(c) 4.06 was used in order to measure TL-, CI-, and RC-values of these two competing hypotheses, however, resulting in equal support. A PAUP(c) 4.02 b parsimony analysis based on the Haplorrhini-hypothesis showed a significant bootstrap-value: the Pan and Alouatta-clade was supported with 90% in spite of the highly derived morphology of the howler monkey. This fact reflects the importance of fetal data for systematic research. The study might serve as a morphological basement for further experimental studies of vocal communication.


Hyo-laryngeal complexPrimatesTarsiusvocal communication