Original paper

Quantitative Characterization of Finger and Palm Dermatoglyphics in Bulgarians

Tornjova-Randelova, Savina; Borissova, Pavlina And Paskova-Topalova, Doriana


Summary: In the present paper data on finger and palm ridge counts of both hands are reported from representative samples of healthy Bulgarian males and females.Dermatoglyphic prints from both hands of 2431 Bulgarians ( 1161 males and 1270 females) have been taken in 116 settlements all over the country.The investigated males and females were healthy,not related persons of Bulgarian origin.The results of finger and palm ridge counts include basic statistics and correlations between ridge counts on separate fingers and the correlations between ridge counts in separate interdigital areas.The results,presented together with data on other dermatoglyphic features elaborated and published till now by the same authors for representative samples of Bulgarian males and females,can serve for the set up of a detailed data basis of the dermatoglyphic status of the Bulgarian population.At the same time they could serve as a norm for clinical and medico-biological investigations with theoretical and scientific applied purposes.


Dermatoglyphicsfinger and palm ridge countscorrelationshealthy Bulgarian males and females