Original paper

Age-Sex Variation and Association of 0 AB Blood Groups with Haemoglobin Level among the Adult Dhimals at Naxalbari in West Bengal,India

Banik, Sudip Datta ;Jana, Arpita ;Purkait, Pulakesand; Das, Subal


The Dhimals at Naxalbari of the Darjeeling district in West Bengal belong to the Indo-Mongoloid ethnic stock. Dhimal is a comparatively less known small community in North Bengal.The mean age (males = 35.93+/-1.14 years and females = 32.59+/- 1.06 years) of both sexes represent the standard adult population (males = 151 and females = 171). The results show that the haemoglobin levels in both the sexes (males: 9.69 gm/dl and females: 8.82 gm/dl) among the adult Dhimals are very low. This is true in all age groups. The females are found to be more anaemic than males in all ages.Significant sex differences (p < 0.001 ) in this context were recorded in all ages except among the population of 60 years and above. Young adult females of reproductive ages group (20 ┬▒ 39 years) are observed to have a less haemoglobin level (8.86 +- 0.18 gm/dl) compared to a higher level of haemoglobin (9.29 +- 0.30 gm/dl) found among the females of over 40 years of age. 50.88 % of the females having a mean haemoglobin level of 7.09 +/- 0.08 gm/dl and 67.56 % of the males with a mean haemoglobin level of 10.75 +- 0.08 gm/dl indicate that larger proportions of the adult Dhimal population are suffering from severe anaemia. Repeated malarial parasite infection is the major reason behind this situation.49.70 % of the total sample of both the sexes is recorded to have B blood group.47.47 % of the male and 53.45 % of the female sample with blood group B along with moderately higher proportions of the AB blood group (21.78 % in males and 20.22 % in females) over comparatively much less frequent A and 0 blood groups in both the sexes indicate a high prevalence of B gene in the Dhimal population. The association of higher mean haemoglobin levels (10.21 +- 0.14 gm/dl for males and 9.54 +- 0.14 gm/dl for females) among the individuals of both the sexes with B blood groups compared to lower haemoglobin levels with other blood groups especially 0 and A indicate a selection of the B gene in the Dhimal population for survival.


Dhimal0 AB blood groupshaemoglobin levels.