Original paper

Psychomotor,cognitive and social interactions in elderly and old Italians. Preliminary report

Cappellini, Aldo Carlo; Paternostro, Ferdinando;Sassoli, Chiara;Mancini, Sabrina;Boddi, Vieri;Formenti, Daniele


It was the aim of this pilot study to investigate effects of motor activity on psychosocial and functional-physical conditions (using an assisted multidimensional questionnaire) of 53 (39 female,14 male) free living elderly and old subjects in Florence, Italy. In addition,ADL (test of Activities of Daily Living) and Pfeiffer test(short portable mental status questionnaire)were applied to test autonomy of everyday life and presence of intellectual disturbance of organic origin. Motor activity appeared to influence significantly psychosocial and functional-physical conditions,i.e.motor activity was significantly correlated with subjective feeling of autonomy and independence,and with the variable to have hobbies,as well as with good posture and walking. From ADL and Pfeiffer tests resulted absence of respective pathologies


Motor activityelderlywell-being.