Original paper

Overweight and Obesity among Adolescents in Bahrain

Bader, Zahra;Musaiger, Abdulrahman O;Al-Roomi, Khaldoon;D'Souza, Reshma


A cross-sectional study was conducted to assess the prevalence of overweight and obesity amongst adolescents in Bahrain. The subjects consisted of grades 1 - 3 secondary school students(336 males and 396 females)between the ages 15 - 18 years,selected using a multi-stage stratified random sampling technique from government schools from all the governorates of Bahrain,representing about 3 % of the target population. The mean height in males and females ranged between 162.9 - 171.3 cm and 157.4 - 159.9 cm, respectively,while the mean weight ranged between 59 - 72 kg and 59 - 66 kg,respectively. The proportion of those underweight was higher in males(8.6 %) compared to that in females( 2.3 %). The highest proportion of normal weight was observed at the age of 15 years in both the male and female adolescents (66.0 %). The prevalence of overweight and obesity was higher in female( 17.4 % and 19.4 %) compared to the male(15.8 % and 13.7 %) adolescents. Although compared to previous reports,a decline in the body mass index (BMI) was observed for both the genders in Bahrain. We believe that the launch of intervention programs at a national level to educate school authorities,parents and concerned health professionals alike,is urgently required


Bahrainadolescentsbody mass indexoverweightobesity.