Original paper

An unusual discovery of human remains from the medieval church of Grevenmacher (Luxembourg)

Trautmann, Bernd; Bis-Worch, Christiane

Anthropologischer Anzeiger (2017)

published online: Aug 11, 2017
manuscript accepted: Jul 19, 2017
manuscript revision received: Jul 16, 2017
manuscript revision requested: May 27, 2017
manuscript received: Dec 5, 2015

DOI: 10.1127/anthranz/2017/0731

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Abstract The occurrence of burned human remains on a Christian burial ground is very rare in medieval Europe. Therefore, the discovery of a complex consisting of commingled burned and unburned human bones within the church of Grevenmacher (Luxembourg) is from special interest for anthropological as well as archaeological research. In the current paper we present methods for a comprehensive analysis for such an exceptional case connected with the question if this bone accumulation represents a form of funerary custom or if other factors lead to its composition. Thereof, two possible scenarios for the occurrence of this unusual composition were created and discussed.


burned human bonescommingled human remainsbone accumulationMedieval timesLuxembourg