Original paper

Morphological and molecular characterisation of a stigonematalean cyanobacterium isolated from a Spanish cave

Hoffmann, Lucien; Gugger, Muriel; Asencio-Martinez, Atonia D.


A heterocystous cyanobacterium was isolated from a Spanish cave. It is characterised by a heterotrichous habit, the presence of hormocysts and the oblique divisions giving rise to Y-shaped true branchings. The phylogenetic tree constructed with a distance method on the nearly complete 16S rRNA gene shows that the isolate belongs to the group of heterocystous cyanobacteria. It does, however, not cluster with so far published stigonematalean sequences, but with a sequence of the false-branching genus Scytonema. The taxonomic and phylogenetic position of the isolate is discussed.


cavecyanobacteriacyanophyceaemorphologyphylogeny16s rrna gene sequencestigonematalestaxonomy