Original paper

Some little known Hydrococcaceae (Cyanoprokaryota) from Central Mexico

León-Tejera, Hilda; Montejano, Gustavo; Cantoral-Uriza, Enrique


The little known genera of Hydrococcaceae Cyanodermatium, Placoma and Hydrococcus are well represented in the epilithic and epiphytic flora of central Mexico. A new marine species of Cyanodermatium, C. gonzaliensis, is established and three freshwater populations of the genera Hydrococcus, Cyanodermatium and Placoma, that represent new records for Mexico are studied. The morphological characteristics of the development of the thalli in several species of the three genera from populations from both marine and continental habitats are described. These genera differ among each other, in the pattern of cell division and growth that result in a characteristic organization of the pseudofilaments and therefore in the shape of the colonies.The proposal made by Komárek & Anagnostidis (1998) to separate these genera that do not produce baeocytes from those included in the family Hyellaceae to which they are similar in their pseudofilamentous organisation is supported.


cyanoprokaryota/cyanobacteria/cyanophyceaehydrococcaceaehydrococcuscyanodermatiumplacomataxonomylotic habitatsmarinenew speciesnew reportcentral mexico