Original paper

Taxonomy and life cycle of epiphytic Dermocarpellaceae and Xenococcaceae from central Mexico

Montejano, Gustavo; León-Tejera, Hilda; Gold-Morgan, Michele


In this paper we present a synthesis of several studies on the reproduction, life cyles and taxonomy of epiphytic baeocyte producing cyanoprokaryotes from central Mexico. We have found that thallus structure is closely related with the mechanism of reproduction (binary fission and/or multiple fission), planes of cell division during development and sheath consistency. We propose characteristics for distinguishing among species belonging to the genera. Xenococcus, Xenotholos, (Xenococcaceae), Cyanocystis, and Dermocarpella (Dermocarpellaceae).


cyanobacteriacyanophyceaebaeocytesbinary fissioncyanocystisdermocarpellaxenococcusxenotholoslife cyclesmexicomultiple fission