Original paper

Carotenoid pigments in three Synechococcus strains

Ničková, Kristina; Štys, Dalibor


Carotenoid content of three strains from the genus Synechococcus were monitored by reverse phase HPLC. Studied strains Synechococcus Kovrov 972/8-24, Synechoccocus Kovrov 972/8-56 and Synechococcus Guillard 1954/CCAP 1479-7 varied as qualitatively so quantitatively. Peak for myxoxanthophyll was distinguished in thermophilic Synechococcus Kovrov 972/8-56 whilst it was not observed in other two non-thermophilic strains. Quantitative composition differed between all monitored strains particularly in nostoxanthin, caloxanthin, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin content.