Original paper

Cyanobacterial diversity in a Spanish river determined by means of isolation of cultures. Morphological variability of isolates in relation to natural populations

Perona, Elvira; Aboal, Marina; Bonilla, Ildefonso; Mateo, Pilar


In order to gain a better understanding of the morphological variability of cyanobacterial cultures in relation to natural populations, eleven isolates of seventeen epilithic species found in the Alberche River were described and compared with samples from their original locations. The dimensions were the most variable feature, although the majority of the measurements fell within the range of variation described in the floras, and the dimensions of natural samples were within the range of variation of cultured material. However, some species did not grow on plate cultures and could not be isolated. Simultaneous analysis of field-fixed samples and agar-enrichment cultures were necessary to obtain as much information as possible about the species present in the river. In the present study, a combination of both approaches was essential to evaluate the populations of cyanobacteria in the river.


cyanobacteriacyanophytecyanoprokaryotaepilithic algaemonoalgal culturesisolatesriverspain