Original paper

Cyanoprokaryota-Cladocera relationships in a submontane dam reservoir modified by hydrological conditions

Pociecha, Agnieszka; Wilk-Woźniak, Elzbieta


The aim of investigation was focused on mutual dependences between two species of cyanoprokaryotes and two species of Cladocera during the "dry" and "wet" years. Low river stage of inflowing water characterized dry years, and rainfall flood wet ones. The planktic samples were collected in the submontane Dobczyce dam reservoir - southern Poland. Canonical Correspondence Analysis was used to identifiy correlations between the physico - chemical, hydrological variability and plankton. The temperature was the most important factor responsible for development and co-occurence of two species of cyanoprokaryotes and Cladocerans. Among chemical parameters different factors influenced the development of planktonic organisms during the "dry" and "wet" years. It was found that variability of water level influenced the development of different species of cyanoprokaryotes. They might be the reason of decrease in Cladocera.


dam reservoircyanoprokaryotescladocerawater levelenvironmental variables