Original paper

Cryptomonas ovata Ehrenberg (Cryptophyceae) and some related species

Javornický, Pavel


Cryptomonas ovata Ehrenb., the type species of the genus Cryptomonas, is a rather sizeable species (31-45-80? μm long) with conspicuously crosswise flattened cells. Two varieties have been discerned: C. ovata var. ovata. with dorsoventrally flattened cells and C. ovata var. splendida (Czosnowski) comb. nova, flattened laterally. A smaller species (20-24 μm) of similar cell shape, flattened dorsoventrally, has been identified with Cryptomonas tatrica Czosn. Three other species of similar morphology have been studied and presented, namely Cryptomonas obovata Skuja, Cryptomonas cornuta sp. nova, and Cryptomonas phaseolus Skuja.The electron-microscopic (EM) research works with various materials labelled erroneously as Cryptomonas ovata which are in fact C. pyrenoidifera Geitler (syn. C. ovata var. palustris Pringsheim), C. phaseolus Skuja, or some other species. Consequently, the EM characteristics ascribed to C. ovata belong to other species.


cryptophyceaecryptomonas ovataspecies related with c. ovatamorphologylight microscopyvariabilitytaxonomynew speciesnew nomenclatural combinationserroneous identification