Original paper

New records of scale-bearing chrysophytes for Florianopolis, Santa Catarina Island, Southern Brazil

Franceschini, Iara; Maria Kristiansen, Jørgen


A second taxonomic survey of scale-bearing chrysophytes from two acidic waters of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina Island, Southern Brazil, was made by means of transmission electron microscopy. Fifteen bottle samples taken from August 1996 to March 1997 were examined. Nine new taxa are reported for this region, one belonging to the genus Chrysosphaerella, two to Paraphysomonas, two to Spiniferomonas and four to Mallomonas. For each species are given remarks on its world and Brazilian distribution, ranges of water variables and comments on its occurrence at the sampling sites. Chrysosphaerella septispina (Nicholls) Kristiansen et Tong, Paraphysomonas corynephora Preisig et Hibberd, P. homolepis Preisig et Hibberd, Mallomonas multisetigera Dürrschmidt and M. morrisonensis Croome et Tyler are new to Brazil; excepting M. multisetigera, they are also new to South America.


chrysophyceaesynurophyceaeultrastructurebiogeographysubtropicssouthern brazil