Original paper

Thermophilic microalgae growth on different substrates and at different temperatures in experimental tanks in Abano Terme (Italy)

Tolomio, Claudio; De Appolonia, Francesca; Moro, Isabella; Berrini, Cristina Ceschi


The "maturation" of mud, taken from lake and clay pits, by microalgal colonization has been studied with regard to its use in mud therapy. This survey was carried out to find alternative materials that might replace the mud currently taken from the lakes of the Euganean Hills, the use of which will soon be restricted.Regardless of temperature and sunlight conditions, the siliciclastic material taken from clay pits did not favour microalgal growth. Therefore, it seems that this material is not so suitable for use in mud therapy, since it lacks the active ingredients originating from microalgae.


thermal springsmudmicroalgaecolonization