Original paper

Two new aerophytic species of the genus Podohedra Duringer (Chlorophyceae)

Neustupa, Jiří


Two new species of the aerial green algal genus Podohedra from the tropical epiphytic aerial biotopes are described. Both species were found on trentepohliacean filamentous algae. The infrageneric taxonomy of the genus Podohedra based on morphological characters of the vegetative cells is discussed. The characters for discriminating of aerophytic Podohedra species are given. The shape comparison of both organisms with similar aerial green algal species Keratococcus bicaudatus is provided by means of outline fitting method based on elliptic Fourier analysis.


podohedrakeratococcuschlorophytaaerial algaetropical rainforestoutline fittinggeometric morphometricselliptic fourier analysis