Original paper

Recent and fossil species of the genus Pediastrum Meyen (Chlorococcales) from Argentina and their geographical distribution

Tell, Guillermo


Some species of Pediastrum Meyen are cosmopolitan, a few number seem to be endemic, and others are restricted to temperate, warm or cold regions. In South America, and particularly in Argentina, the taxonomy of this genus presents great uncertainty and an erroneous understanding of the geographical distribution. A detailed examination of the descriptions and illustrations of recent and fossil species and of infrageneric taxa of Pediastrum recorded from Argentina, together with the observation of new materials, allow to clarify the taxonomy of the genus and to update its geographical distribution in this large country. Some species recorded from Argentina (e.g. P. argentinense, P. mustersii, P. patagonicum, P. kawraiskyi, P. taylori) present a noteworthy geographical distribution.


chlorophyceaepediastrumtaxonomygeographical distributionargentina