Original paper

Contribution to the desmid flora of the Southern Appalachian Mountains (USA)

Nováková, Sylvie; Walne, Patricia L.; Kalina, Tomás


In three water samples from the Southern Appalachian Mountains (USA) 61 taxa of desmids are reported. Most taxa belong to the genera Cosmarium and Staurastrum (13 species of each). The majority of found taxa (about 70%) have cosmopolitan or subcosmopolitan distribution. Six species are North American endemic species, four species have holoarctic distribution and one species is considered to be pantropic. The study enlarges the knowledge about the distribution of some species in the USA. Cosmarium dentatum, C. zygomorphicum and Euastrum johnsonii were recorded for the first time in Georgia. Cosmarium isthmium, C. protractum, Micrasterias laticeps, Staurastrum claviferum var. macracanthum, S. ophiura and S. pentacerum were recorded for the first time in Tennessee.