Some Desmids from southern Chile

Williamson, David B.


An examination of some samples collected in southern Chile in 1998 and 1999, revealed 62 desmid taxa of which a majority was of a cosmopolitan nature. Desmids representing 12 genera were found with the largest numbers of species belonging, as usually expected, to Closterium (17), Cosmarium (14) and Staurastrum (13). Two species have been found in Chile for the first time, these being Cosmarium beatum previously only found in southern Africa and Madagascar, and Staurastrum wildemani var. majus previously confined to Africa, Indonesia and northern Australia. Xanthidium smithii var. crucencis seems to be part of a very tiny group of truly endemic desmids so far found in Chile while Cosmarium pseudoinsigne var. minus has been proposed as a new variety. It is hoped that the illustrations provided, nearly all showing, where appropriate, vertical and side views, will supplement some older figures which for one reason or another may be considered inadaquate.


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