Original paper

Hot fixation for transmission electron microscopy: applications to coccoid xanthophycean algae

Begum, Ashrafi; Broady, Paul A.; Fineran, Brian A.


Coccoid xanthophycean algae of the genera, Botrydiopsis Borzi and Chlorellidium Vischer et Pascher, are often difficult to prepare for transmission electron microscopy. The fixative and embedding medium usually incompletely penetrate the interior of the cell, causing disruption of the cell wall and protoplast during thin sectioning. Hot fixation was investigated as a means of improving preservation of algal cells. Fixation was tested at ambient temperature (ca. 20 °C) and at 40 °, 60 ° and 80 °C. Results indicate that hot fixation can improve preservation. For most strains tested, ultrastructural features were much clearer following hot fixation then that at ambient temperature.


xanthophyceaeyellow-green algaebotrydiopsischlorellidiumtransmission electron microscopyhot fixation