Original paper

Changes in the protein profile of cyanobacteria from terrestrial habitats in response to heat and UV-B radiation stress

Pattanaik, Bagmi; Sahu, Jayanti K.; Adhikary, Siba P.


Sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) protein profiles of three different terrestrial cyanobacteria, Tolypothrix arenophila, Nostoc microscopicum and Aulosira fertilissima after being subjected to heat stress in the dry and wet state (60°C,1h) and to UV-B for different durations revealed a repression in the synthesis of several proteins. Repression of proteins upon heat treatment in the dry state was more pronounced than upon the treatment in the wet state. Heat stress under dry and wet states induced a new set of proteins of 19 and 20 kDa in T. arenophila and 20 and 21 kDa in N. microscopicum and a low molecular weight (LMW) 10 kDa protein in A. fertilissima. However, none of the proteins were induced in T. arenophila and A. fertilissima after exposure to UV-B; one LMW protein (12kDa) was induced after irradiation of N. microscopicum to UV-B.


terrestrial cyanobacteriaheatuv-b irradiationprotein profile