Original paper

Staurosira parasitoides sp. nova and Staurosira microstriata (Marciniak) Lange-Bertalot from surface sediment samples of Austrian alpine lakes

Schmidt, Roland; Lange-Bertalot, Horst; Klee, Rolf


In surface sediment samples from lakes of the central Austrian Alps, various small-celled taxa of the genus Staurosira Ehrenberg were common. Staurosira parasitoides was described as a new species from this material. It is morphologically similar to, but easy to distinguish from, Staurosira microstriata (Marciniak) Lange-Bertalot sensu stricto. It differs in valve outlines, spine formation, and additional rows of areolae. Both taxa differ from the complex Staurosira brevistriata Grunow in fine structure and arrangement of the polar pore-fields. The taxa in discussion are documented by LM and SEM micrographs. Some ecological characteristics of the type locality of S. parasitoides sp. nova were added.


diatomsstaurosira parasitoides sp. novafragilariaceaealpine lakessediment samples