Original paper

Spatial heterogeneity of the algal flora in subalpine mires in the eastern Krkonose Mts. (Giant Mountains, Czech Republic)

Nováková, Sylvie


Spatial heterogeneity of algae was studied along two transects: (i) pools in a peat bog, (ii) pools along the nearby stream on mineral ground. The difference between algal communities of these two biotopes is discussed. According to statistical analyses (ordinations and Mantel test), the similarity of the algal flora correlated with the distance between the sampling sites in both transects. As the seasonal fluctuations of environmental variables in pools were higher than the differences between them, the composition of algal flora was compared with the composition of vascular plants and mosses which reflected the local conditions. When the influence of the environment (substituted by composition of vegetation cover) was negated, no correlation between algal flora and distance was proved: The similarity of algal flora in nearby pools was in first place a consequence of similar environmental conditions and not a result of the nearness itself.


algaemirepeat bogpoolspatial heterogeneity