Original paper

Trachelomonas taxa (Euglenophyta) occurred in the pools of Poodri Protected Landscape Area (Czech Republic)

Kočárková, Alena; Wołowski, Konrad; Poulíčková, Aloisie; Novotný, Radko


The occurrence, morphology and autecology of Trachelomonas species were studied at floodplain pools of the Poodří Protected Landscape Area in Northern Moravia, the Czech Republic. A total of 25 taxa were found; species T. pseudobulla, T. allia and T. poltavica and the rare taxon T. pavloskoënsis fo. ellipsoidea were recorded for the first time in the territory of the Czech Republic. T. verrucosa var. spirogyra was recorded for the first time in Europe. All taxa were documented in drawings, and LM or SEM microphotographs.


loricate euglenophytatrachelomonaspoolsdistributionautecology