Original paper

Microbiological processes associated with Nitzschia palea (Kutz.) W. Sm. bloom in a submountain dam reservoir

Bednarz, Teresa; Mazurkiewicz-Boroń, Grażyna; Starzecka, Aleksandra


Algal blooms caused by Nitzschia palea appear rather rare. In the water column of the Dobczyce Reservoir (southern Poland) during formation of a Nitzschia palea bloom, the maximum of abundance of algae, bacteria, and metabolic activity (photosynthesis, respiration) occurred in the metalimnion. Competition between bacteria and Nitzschia for organic nitrogen and phosphorous compounds was observed, especially in the metalimnion. Algal and bacterial demand on phosphorus was determined by the relative abundance of algal (Alg-APA), bacterial (Bac-APA), and free (Free-APA) phosphoesterases.


algal bloomnitzschia paleabacteriaphotosynthesisrespirationphosphatasesdam reservoir