Original paper

Effects of sublethal concentrations of copper on three strains of green microalgae under autotrophic and mixotrophic culture conditions

Schiariti, Agustín; Juárez, Ángela; Beatriz Rodríguez, María Cecilia


The effects of sublethal copper concentrations were assayed on Chlorella kessleri, Coelastrum sphaericum and Scenedesmus acutus in autotrophic and mixotrophic media. The strains showed different susceptibility to copper in the bioassay, being C. sphaericum more resistant to metal exposure. Bleaching and lipid peroxidation were more pronounced in absence of organic carbon in C. kessleri and S. acutus, but remained unaffected in C. sphaericum. Acetate addition diminished free copper cation concentration in growth media, increased growth rate in all cases and attenuated metal effect on bleaching and lipid peroxidation in C. kessleri and S. acutus. In C. sphaericum, the deleterious effect on growth rate observed with the highest copper concentration might be due to copper-altered acetate assimilation.


copperlipid peroxidationbleachingchlorella kesslericoelastrum sphaericumscenedesmus acutus