Original paper

New observations on the lorica structure of genus Dysmorphococcus Takeda (Phacotaceae, Chlorophyta)

Demchenko, Eduard M.; Massalski, Andrzej K.; Mikhailyuk, Tatyana I.


As a result of morphological investigation of 3 species of the genus Dysmorphococcus Takeda (Phacotaceae, Chlorophyta), which have integral lorica, several new characters were found. The asexual reproduction by 2-4 zoospores and the phenomenon of shedding “old” and synthesis of “new” lorica during the motile state was described for the first time in D. coccifer Koršikov. In D. variabilis Takeda the akinete formation was observed for the first time. In these species as well as in D. punctatus Fott the suture on the lorica surface was found, and the bi-partited nature of lorica was determined. Diversity of the suture development in these three species (D. coccifer - complete suture, D. variabilis - simple suture, D. punctatus - simple suture extended into a straight line of perforations) indicates that there is lorica structure differentiation within Dysmorphococcus genus. The possibility of a gradual development of suture in the evolution of family Phacotaceae (Bütschli) Oltmanns is discussed.


dysmorphococcusd. cocciferd. variabilisd. punctatusmorphological charactersstructure of loricabi-partited loricasuture evolutionphacotaceaechlorophytaukraine