Original paper

Biomass quantification of epiphytic freshwater rhodophyte Audouinella pygmaea Kutzing

Kučera, Pavel; Komárek, Ondřej


The freshwater rhodophyte Audouinella pygmaea occurs in a free life form as well as in an epiphytic form. This article evaluates quantitative changes in the occurrence of A. pygmaea epiphytic on the thallus of Lemanea annulata considering the season and factors which influence colonization. Epiphytism is determined by the occurrence of the host as well as by succession conditions for A. pygmaea during the season. Extreme physical conditions change the time and intensity of succession development of A. pygmaea on L. annulata. In general, medium depth and higher flow velocity, which interact, favor the development of A. pygmaea. The study shows the importance of turbulent flow for development of the epiphytic form. Season determines the speed of development by light energy support. Temperature and daily light intensity and duration are probably the limiting factors in spring.


red algaeaudouinella pygmaealemanea annulataepiphytesbiovolume evaluationecology