Original paper

Ecballocystis hubeiensis sp. nova (Chlorococcales, Chlorophyceae) from China

Guo-Xiang, Liu; Zheng-Yu, Hu


A rare green alga Ecballocystis hubeiensis Hu et Liu from China is described. The species is unique because of the macroscopic thallus. The algal thallus is of an irregular form, without any main axis, creeping on the surface of the substratum, and can be examined by the naked eye. The other two so-called macroscopic species, E. fritschii and E. pulvinata are much smaller than the present new species. They contain only a small number of cells and look fan- or brush-shaped under the microscope. Ultrastructure characters of the cell and cell division were also studied.


ecballocystis hubeiensisnew specieschlorococcalescell divisionchina