Original paper

Pediastrum aniae sp. nova, a tropical species in relationship to P. kawraiskyi Schmidle and other similar taxa (Hydrodictyaceae, Chlorophyceae)

González, Augusto; Comas,


During the observation of material collected from the South of Isla de la Juventud, Cuba, an interesting Pediastrum was found. It was characterized by their external cells with two horns set in different planes in relation to the coenobium, similar to those of the group P. kawraiskyi Schmidle, P. mustersii (“musterii”) Tell et Mataloni 1990, P. patagonicum Tell et Mataloni 1990, P. orientale Kom. et Jankovská 2001. After further studies on the morphological variability of the alga, the author considers it as a new species named P. aniae sp. nov. Informations about the taxonomy, ecology and distribution of the related taxa are also included.


chlorophyceaechlorocccalesneochloridaleshydrodictyaceaepediastrumtaxonomynew descriptions