Original paper

Cyanobacteria (Cyanoprokaryota) from Andean arid soils (Argentina)

Tell, Guillermo; Mataloni, Gabriela


This paper deals with some cyanobacteria (Cyanoprokaryota) living in extreme conditions on andean arid soils from NW Argentina (Jujuy Province). Eleven species are presented: Aphanothece nidulans, Nostoc commune, Microcoleus paludosus, M. vaginatus, Microcoleus sp., Phormidium autumnale, Ph. jenkelianum, Ph. uncinatum, Schizothrix albaniensis, S. coriacea and Scytonema ocellatum. We suggest that the unusually harsh conditions of these loose soils contribute to prevent the formation of visible algal aggregates such as cryptogamic crusts.


cyanoprokaryotaarid soilsalgaeandesargentina