Original paper

Influence of the aqueous extracts of Ulva lactuca and Chlorella kessleri on growth and yield of Vicia faba

El-Naggar, Amal H.; Osman, Mohamed E.H. El-Sheekh; Gheda, Saly F.


The aqueous extracts of Ulva lactuca and Chlorella kessleri increased the percentage of germination, all seedling growth parameters, leaf area, pigments content and the fresh and dry weights of roots and shoots of Vivia faba compared to the controls. The two algal extracts also increased concentrations of inorganic elements and bound nitrogen content (soluble and insoluble) in harvested V. faba. Whereas C. kessleri extract was more stimulatory for the accumulation of Na+ and K+ in roots and shoots. U. lactuca extract increased Mg2+, Ca2+ and P5+ more than did C. kessleri extract. The extract of U. lactuca was superior to C. kessleri extract in stimulating the accumulation of soluble nitrogen in roots and of insoluble nitrogen in roots and shoots. Both of the extracts produced a higher accumulation of insoluble nitrogen in shoots than in roots and gave higher levels of proteins and carbohydrates in the pods. However, C. kessleri extract was more effective in the accumulation of directly reducing sugars, while U. lactuca extract rather raised the amounts of total reducing sugars. At all concentrations tested, both algal extracts, specially U. lactuca extract, increased yield parameters of V. faba, including weight and number of fruits and of seeds. Quantitative analysis of plant hormones revealed that U. lactuca contained more cytokinin and betaines than C. kessleri, while the latter was richer in auxin and gibberillin.


algal extractvicia fabahormonesseedling growthyield