Original paper

System of cyanoprokaryotes (cyanobacteria) state in 2004

Hoffmann, Lucien; Komárek, Jiří; Kaštovský, Jan


Due to the introduction of new techniques, the approaches and criteria for the taxonomic classification of cyanobacteria have evolved over the last decades. The application of molecular and electron microscopical methods has yielded important data which call for an adaptation of the classification system for cyanobacteria. This review is the first attempt to synthesize available genetic, ultrastructural and phenotypic data and to integrate them for proposing a modern system of cyanoprokaryotic organisms. The acceptance of several evolutionary lines containing each both coccoid and trichal forms and of the homogeneity of all heterocytous genera (without the separation of nostocalean and stigonematalean types), as well as the formal inclusion of chlorophyll b and d containing photosynthetic oxyprokaryotes represent the main proposed changes.


cyanobacteriacyanoprokaryotacyanophyceaetaxonomic classificationsuprageneric taxamodern systempolyphasic approach