Original paper

Cyanobacteria in hot springs of East Africa and their potential toxicity

Krienitz, Lothar; Ballot, Andreas; Casper, Peter; Kotut, Kiplagat; Wiegand, Claudia; Pflugmacher, Stephan


The famous population of Lesser Flamingos (Phoeniconaias minor) at the saline-alkaline Rift Valley lakes of East Africa is periodically subjected to massive die-offs. Toxic cyanobacteria may contribute to the deaths of the flamingos. One of the potential sources of the toxins are cyanobacterial mats in hot springs. Here we focus on the dominant taxa of cyanobacterial mats in hot springs on the shores of the alkaline lakes Bogoria and Magadi (Kenya), Manyara and Natron (Tanzania), and in the Hell's Gate National Park (Kenya) and their potential toxicity.


cyanobacteriacyanotoxinshot springssaline-alkaline lakesflamingosoreochromis grahamirift valleyeast africa