Original paper

Surveying the diversity of Cyanoprokaryotes in poorly known regions: the case of the central region of Mexico

Montejano, Gustavo; Gold-Morgan, Michele; León-Tejera, Hilda


During the last 10 years nearly 280 taxa of cyanoprokaryotes belonging to 93 genera have been recorded for different biotopes of the central region of Mexico. These studies include a wide spectrum of biotopes, marine and continental. This richness of species is related to the variety of biotopes including marine inter and supratidal as well as springs, thermal springs, crater lakes, waterfalls and aerial continental habitats present in this region. Results obtained show that the tropical and cosmopolitan species are the main components of the flora (23.4 and 36.7%, respectively), and the temperate component is low (10.5%). The remaining 29.4% includes newly described species as well as unidentifiable species that surely correspond to new species. In this paper we discuss the problems of carrying out survey studies and describing new species in poorly known regions and present the results obtained to date.