Original paper

Scenedesmus-like algae of Ukraine. 1. Diversity of taxa from water bodies in Volyn Polissia

Tsarenko, Petro M.; Hegewald, Eberhard; Braband, Anke


An LM and SEM study and revision was made of some taxa of Scenedesmus-like algae of samples collected between 1951 and 2000 in Volyn Polissia (Northwest Ukraine). 68 taxa of Scenedesmus-like algae were found and discussed. Some of them were compared with strains isolated from Lake Turske and their variability was studied. The SEM morphology of Desmodesmus curvatocornis and D. hystrix is described for the first time. Acutodesmus reginae and Desmodesmus arthrodesmiformis were recorded in Ukraine for the first time. Desmodesmus communis var. polisicus P.M.Tsarenko et E.Hegewald, D. costato-granulatus var. costatus E.Hegewald et P.M.Tsarenko, D. multivariabilis var. turskensis P.M.Tsarenko et E.Hegewald and Enallax acutiformis var. reticulatum E.Hegewald et P.M.Tsarenko are described as new taxa.In a phylogenetic tree the taxonomic placement of some taxa of flora from Ukraine was evaluated. This was especially necessary for the correct taxonomic position of the new taxa D. multivariabilis var. turskensis and D. communis var. polisicus, which would not be possible by light and electron microscopy alone.


sphaeroplealesacutodesmusdesmodesmusdidymocystisenallaxpseudodidymocystisscenedesmusdiversitymorphologytaxonomyits-2 sequence analysisukraine