Original paper

Phacus Dujardin 1841 and Monomorphina Mereschkovsky 1877 taxa (Euglenophyta) occurring in the pools of Poodrri and Litovelske Pomoravi Protected Landscape Areas (Czech Republic)

Kočárková, Alena; Wołowski, Konrad; Poulíčková, Aloisie; Lelková, Eva


This paper presents data detailing the occurrence of the genera Phacus and Monomorphina in pools of Poodří and Litovelské Pomoraví (northern Moravia, Czech Republic). It also includes information about the morphology and autecology of the observed species. A total of 17 taxa, of the genera Phacus and Monomorphina, were identified in the studied areas. The species Phacus anacoelus, P. asymmetricus and P. inflexus were recorded for the first time in the Czech Republic. All observed taxa are shortly described and illustrated by drawings or microphotographs.


euglenophyceaephacusmonomorphinapoolsdistributionpoodrilitovelske pomoraviczech republic