Original paper

The distribution of terrestrial and hydro-terrestrial algal associations at three contrasting locations in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica

Broady, Paul A.


A description is provided of the distribution of algae amongst terrestrial and hydro-terrestrial habitats at Victoria Valley, Garwood Valley and Cape Geology (77-78°S, 161-164°E), southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. 358 samples were taken from 12 distinct terrestrial and hydro-terrestrial habitats, with an emphasis on the former. More than 82 species were recorded including eight new records for southern Victoria Land. Data for presence or absence of each species within each sample was subjected to Two Way Indicator Species Analysis (TWINSPAN) which resulted in the recognition of eight groups of samples with different species associations. Particularly distinctive were associations of terrestrial chasmoendolithic and epilithic algae and those in dry soils of Victoria Valley which either lacked visible algal growths or had thin algal crusts. Four TWINSPAN groups each accommodated samples mostly from just one of these habitats. In contrast, a single TWINSPAN group accommodated the majority of samples from several hydro-terrestrial habitats, water-flushed soils and moss cushions. Restriction in duration of liquid water availability results in development of distinct species associations.