Original paper

A contribution to knowledge of the desmid flora (Desmidiaceae, Zygnemaphyceae) of Spitzbergen

Lenzenweger, Rupert; Lütz, Cornelius


The samples were collected by C. Lütz (Innsbruck) during a research campaign in NW Spitzbergen for studies on high arctic snow algae and terrestrial plants in July 2004. The algae were taken from very humid moss patches along the rim of small ponds near the shore of the Kongsfjordn, about 4 m.a.s.l. Altogether 58 taxa of desmids were found. One of them is described as a new species of genus Closterium: Closterium pseudolanceolatum.


green algaedesmidstaxonomynew species aretic-alpine floraspitzbergen