Original paper

Scale-bearing chrysophytes from the Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain in Louisiana, U.S.A. II. Extended studies on identification, ecology, and distribution

Wujek, Daniel E.; Wee, James L.


Fifty-five silica-scaled chrysophytes were observed using transmission and scanning electron microscopy (Synurophyceae: 34 Mallomonas spp., including the first reports of M. labyrinthina and M. liturata for the U.S., 11 Synura spp., and one Chrysodidymus sp.; Chrysophyceae: six Paraphysomonas spp., two Spiniferomonas spp., and one Chrysosphaerella sp.) from 39 water bodies in 12 Louisiana Parishes. Twenty-eight taxa are new reports for Louisiana. The number of taxa per sample varied from one to 21. Temperature, pH and conductivity ranges of the prevalent species are discussed.


scale-bearing chrysophyteslouisiana